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Air cooled stabilizer

Servo Stabilizer - Three Phase Air Cooled (3KVA to 150KVA)


  • High efficiency & Fast response.
  • Wide input voltage range & Audiable alarm for trip conditions.
  • 99.99% failure proof control circuit.
  • No over under, shoots and hunting.
  • Built in bypass switch upto 100 Kva.
  • Less active component avoids failure ratings.
  • Special electronic circuit to operate on gensets.
  • No effect of power factor and frequency variations.
  • Single PCB for three phase sensing and correction.
  • Voltage and speed related to rate of fluctuations and avoids oscillations & hunting In dc motor drive.
  • Variable speed high torque dc servo motor proportionally controls corrections.
  • Rugged and smooth ac motor drive control through optoisolator circuit which is Highly reliable.
  • Separate isolated PCB for triac switching for motor.


  • Input and Output Low Voltage protections.
  • Input and Output High Voltage protections.
  • Phase rotation/single phasing preventer.
  • Input protection using HRC fuse.
  • Control circuit protection using fast blow fuse.
  • Electronic overload protection.

LCD Specification

  • 16*4 lcd display is used for easy reading of parameters.
  • True RMS sensing and reading of voltage and current.
  • 100 event error log facilities for easy diagnosation of fault level.
  • Internal variable timer is adopted for on time delay and overload trip of scvs.
  • Selectable phase reverse function.
  • Selectable auto on function.
  • Less analog circuit and hence failure rate is reduced.
  • Built in digital meter for monitoring the voltage / current & frequency.
  • Separate isolated PCB for triac switching to motor.


  • High reliability due to digital monitoring and controlling using micro controller.
  • All components sourced from reputed manufacturers, confirm to IS/BS/VDU standards.
  • All raw material inspection as per internal components manual.
  • Individual assemblies and sub assemblies tested separately.
  • All electronic assemblies tested on full load at 55 deg c in oven for 48 hours to Minimize failure.
  • Final equipment tested for accelerated life test to identify and replace any weak links.

Servo Stabilizer - Single Phase Air Cooled (1KVA to 150KVA)