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Hybrid solar PV systems are connected to the local utility grid and also have a battery back-up system. The battery allows the home owner to store energy for use during non-producing hours (under shade, during power cuts or at night). This is of particular importance for those who rely on a constant source of energy for their home or business.


  • Small or medium size solar panels
  • Charge controllers
  • Sine wave inverters
  • Tubular batteries
  • Safety devices.


Hybrid systems are the simplest and cheapest of any other method. This system is very useful for people who required most of the electricity usage at evening and when power cuts are very often. These features are enough for those who are using very minimum electricity at day time and consume more only after evening.


When sufficient sunlight is available, Solar panel supplies the DC current to the charge controllers. The charge controller charges the battery until the desired voltage. When the battery gets fully charged, an automated system cut off the grid power to inverter. Now the inverter starts working with solar energy. Thus we reduce the consumption from grid.


Running with Hybrid Solar PV energy system, we can reduce the electricity bills as well as get power back up for the duration of power cuts. These systems are ideal for small range power generations such as homes, small businesses.


  • In this method, the system depends more on battery so depreciation of battery is more. And periodical battery maintenance also required.   
  • An inverter handles the particular load which was selected for consume solar energy, thus we restricted to inverter capacity. So higher size installations are not possible.  
  • You cannot use heavy loads.  
  • In future, if you want to increase the solar PV system capacity you have to change the entire unit.   
  • Maximum yield of this unit is limited to 65% and overall service life is 5 to 8 years only excluding solar panel.

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