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higher KVA inverter

Available Sizes : Upto 60KVA

   10KVA Inverter                                                   Three Phase                                                         360V

A much superior alternative to gensets, the high capacity inverters from Genus allow air conditioners and other high load capacity appliances continue to function safely during power cuts. The Sure Sine Wave Technology, in addition to ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) ensures total safety of high capacity appliances.

   10KVA Inverter                                                   Single Phase                                                         192V

    5KVA Inverter                                                 Single Phase                                                     48V, 96V

    2.5 KVA Inverter                                            Single Phase                                                     36V, 48V

Voltage Limits

  •  MainA.C. Lower Recovery Voltage          : 120V ± 5V in Inverter Mode 
  •  MainA.C. Higher Voltage Limit               : 280V ± 5V in Inverter Mode 
  •  Output Voltage in Home UPS mode        :  220V / 220 ± 10% 
  •  Battery LowerVoltage Limit                   :  41.2V ±0.5

Output Frequency

  • Main Output Frequency                        : Same as Input
  • Output Frequency                               : 50Hz ± 1%

Battery Charging

  • Battery Charging Voltage Range             : 110 to 280V
  • Maximum Charging Current                   : 13 A ± 1 A 
  • Trickle Charging Current Limit              : 0.5 ± 0.3A
  • Battery Charger Boost Voltage              : 14.4 ± 0.2V (Per Battery)
  • Battery Charger Float Voltage               : 13.6 ± 0.2V (Per Battery)

  • Overload                                           : 100% (With Auto Reset Function)
  • Short Circuit Protection                     : >300% Load (With Manual Reset Function)

Key Features

  • Sine Wave Output
  • DSP Based Three Stage Smart Charger
  • Smarter Overload Sense, Short Circuit Protection & Reverse polarity protection
  • High surge withstand capability (upto 300%)
  • User friendly LED Display (Message and Faults)
  • LCD Display available from 5KVA onwards
  • Generator Compatible
  • User selectable charging current with high charging option
  • User selectable UPS and Normal mode
  • Ensures the same power quality as you get from the mains.


  • Delivers unmatched noise free performance
  • Ensures  longer battery life
  • Great Power Saving; Saves 40% electricity bill as compared to square wave inverter
  • Keeps expensive appliances 100% safe
  • Uninterrupted power for computers - no reboots during power cuts
  • Safely run Airconditioning units, Deep Freezers, Petrol Pumps, Photo Copiers, etc. 

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