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online ups

When milliseconds of power failure can jeopardize entire operations, when minor faults can affect sensitive equipment, you need the protection of a reliable online UPS that ensures continuous and uninterrupted power supply.

Genus Pure Sine Wave Online UPS provides uninterrupted power supply and prevents damage to hardware and loss of data during phenomena like mains-line failures, mini-blackouts, voltages fluctuations, lightning, electrostatic discharge and rapid over-voltages, which found in all environments.

Available ranges : 

  • 1KVA to 200KVA
  • Extreme long back up models also available

Wide ranging applications for Online UPS 

- Network servers, Bridges, Hubs & Routers
- Storage devices and Critical Workstations
- Local Area Networks (LAN)
- Medical equipment
- Industrial processes
- Telecommunication systems
- ATM machines
- Colour labs
- Satellite systems
- Moulding Machines
- Embroidery Machines


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