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OFF-GRid solar pv energy system

A Solar PV system with batteries and work without support of EB Grid support is called Off-grid system. The differences are: - grid connected solar system does not include a battery since all of the energy is consumed as it is produced whereas in off-grid, the Battery operated inverter stores the energy produced for further consumption and eliminates the necessity of Grid power or Generator.


The components used in an off-grid PV system are very similar to those used in a grid-tied, but for a few additional components. Here’s the complete list:

  • Solar panels
  • String/Central Inverter
  • Charge Controllers
  • Battery inverter
  • Back-up generator
  • Battery bank
  • Utility bypass / disconnect
  • Safety devices


A bi-directional interface is made between the AC output circuits and the utility grid. This allows the AC power produced by the string inverter to either supply on-site electrical loads or to back-feed the grid when the PV system output is greater than the on-site load demand. 

At night and during other periods when the electrical loads are greater than the PV system output, the balance of power required by the loads is received from the utility Grid.

Thanks for large size battery bank handling capacity of this unit. Thus we can get very long backup.


  • This unit is very costly than any other system. But soon the price will be compensated when you get 98% of yield with very stable load handling capacity with long battery backup from here.
  • We can get very long back up because this unit can handle very large size battery bank.
  • Conversely, at night and during times when your solar system doesn’t make enough energy for your home, you can draw power from the local utility grid.
  • Except battery this unit also has very long service life.
  • Using the support of battery bank this unit can handle load constant.
  • In future, we can upgrade the system without change or drop any of the existing components. We can get maximum yield up to 97% and overall service life is 25 to 35 years.

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