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Tubular battery is one of the two popular battery designs, the second one being the flat plate battery design. Tubular batteries have more complex designs, as they consist of a number of parallel tubes containing lead oxide. Tubular batteries are roughly designed and can be used for high end applications like lifting trucks and in inverters that support heavy loads. One of the many advantages of a tubular battery is that it has long life cycle. One can expect one such battery to run for up to 10 years, provided that right maintenance procedures are followed.

When compared with sealed maintenance free batteries, a tubular battery offers a number of advantages. As the names suggest, sealed batteries are completely sealed and this makes them difficult to maintain. On the other hand, tubular batteries have openings that allow easy maintenance. A tubular battery is prone to very less loss of water and this characteristic makes these batteries more efficient than other batteries. There are rare cases when one needs to feed water to these batteries.

A significant advantage of a tubular battery is its ability to charge at a fast rate. This is one useful characteristic that makes these batteries highly recommended for applications that require high productivity. Due to long standby life and high adaptability of these batteries, they are counted among the most useful cell designs till date.

Heavy Duty Jumbo Tubular

  • 100Ah Jumbo
  • 120Ah Jumbo
  • 150Ah Jumbo
  • 200Ah Jumbo

Heavy Duty Tall Tubular

  • 100Ah Tall
  • 140Ah Tall
  • 180Ah Tall
  • 230Ah Tall

Extending Battery Life

  • Always add distilled water to batteries. Impurities in water, such as minerals and iron, can cause reactions within the battery and reduce its quality.
  • Do not add additional acid to a battery. Adding additional acid to a battery will do more harm and will quickly destroy the battery.
  • Lighter loads will increase battery life.
  • A battery kept in a fully charged state will have a much longer life than one which is mostly in a discharged state.


  • Extremely long life under proper maintenance condition.
  • Highly reliable compared to normal flat plate batteries.
  • Long Standby life.
  • Life - Promise of 1500 cycles. (4 years approx)
  • Faster charging .
  • Low Maintenance - Special alloy to reduce electrolyte loss.
  • Low maintenance – No need to top-up with distilled water frequently.
  • Extra top electrolyte for less frequent water topping.
  • Float guide indicators to show electrolyte level in the battery.
  • Provides consistent performance under different climatic conditions.
  • Perform consistently under any conditions hence suitable for sensitive and heavy applications.
  • Environment Friendly - Micro porous ceramic vent plug ensures minimum acid fumes.
  • Batteries specially designed for places with frequent power cuts.
  • Recommended for UPS and inverters.
  • Aesthetically designed- Low foot print to suit homes, offices and business centers.
  • Special tubular positive spines cast at 100 bar pressure to enhance corrosion life under extreme situations.
  • Thick spines and bus bar for excellent discharge performance.
  • The spine of Tubular Batteries are made using High pressure HADI casting method which ensures long life even under high temperature and rough usage.